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Senior Class

New Class Officers & What We'll Do

Hi Everyone:

Hope you are enjoying your summer (if we ever have a week of warm weather in a row)!

For those of you that don't know, your class officers for senior year are:

President Molly Manchon

Vice President Julie Clayton

Secretary Jessica Lewis

Treasurer Melissa Ferreira

We will again be selling senior shirts for homecoming week.  The shirts will have the names of the seniors on the back and your class officers will be coming up with a design for the front.  The shirts will be the color selected for the senior class by Student Council.

The class officers are also in charge of organizing the senior picnic.  They will be looking for donations as well as parents volunteering to work the day of thie picnic, which is typically the Friday of the week before graduation (the same day as graduation practice).

We will again be collecting $5.00 from the members of the senior class.  This money will be used for items needed for the senior picnic that we couldn't get completely donated.  (Last year we got a restaurant to donate the hot dogs at cost, rather than being free).  We will also be giving the school a gift from the senior class.  The Class of 2014 purchased a brick for the Field.  I will also talk with administration to see if there is anything on their wish list.  A few years ago, the senior class donated the flags that are on stage during graduation, just to give you another example.

Please stop into my office if you have any questions.  This will be my 8th year as the senior class advisor.  Enjoy your summer and look forward to your senior year!


Mrs. Miller



Jodi Miller

Athletic/Activities Director's Secretary

Phone: 262-970-3719